5 Things a Wedding Photographer Leicester Must Avoid

During the journey of becoming a professional wedding photographer Leicester, many made mistakes. Obviously, we all do, but that doesn’t matter. Because how we learn and prepare ourselves next time are what matters. So that the next people who rely on our services will not face the same problem anymore. But, we also get to […]

What Does an Insured Documentary Wedding Photographer Mean?

When we want to hire a documentary wedding photographer, how much do you think insurance is important? We are sure that many of you probably didn’t have even that cross your mind! It’s only given because we tend to consider more of photography skills-related factors rather than things like insurance. Some couldn’t see the differences […]

Making a Difference with Your Wedding Photography: Rehearsal

Thinking of a way you can improve your wedding photography? Or maybe you’re here to find out if attending the rehearsals of your clients is going to make a difference in how you work? It’s the right place to find the answer to both of those questions. Every professional wedding photographer Belfast should always seek […]

How to Do Light Painting Wedding Photography

Light painting is a beautiful art ‘drawn’ on pictures. Light painting wedding photography is very worthwhile as it’ll create something that it’s different from others. Although there are some photographers who do the same thing, there’s a small chance that you’ll be drawing the same thing on the screen. There are two uniqueness to this: […]

Concerned with the Price? Things You Can Discuss with Your Wedding Photographer Cheshire!

The budget has always been a sensitive, yet important topic that a lot of couples need to discuss. They wouldn’t have if they could but saving every dollar matters to make sure they are not spending all their fortune on the party and be broke when they’re about to start their new life. And maybe […]