5 Things Wedding Photographer Needs to Prepare for the First Time

Northern Ireland wedding photographerWhat does a wedding photographer need to do to make sure that his first job is not going to disappoint the client? These are 5 things that you can do to make sure that as a Northern Ireland wedding photographer, your job is going to be smooth and satisfying.

The familiarity with the venue

A wedding photographer needs the capability of being able to tell where the best place is to have pictures taken. It will also help when the photographer can recall the venue’s map and move according to that knowledge. It’ll give you the upper hand to snap great moments without hesitating just to find the best place to take the pictures.

Visit the venue with your clients once before the wedding day to rehearse. If you can test shoot several pictures, it’d be better for both of you.

One-day insurance

IF you’re a wedding photographer that is still exploring, a one-day insurance would be the better choice. Insurance protects you, your client and ensure that the experience is still going to be a good one. It’s also to show your clients that you are serious about doing the job and will do your best to not let anything get in the way.

Alternatively, you can go for full insurance with better coverage. This will cover you even when your client wants to sue you for your professionalism. The company can cover the legal fee for hiring a lawyer until the penalty fee that you have to pay.

A Northern Ireland wedding photographer from michaellove.co has never found the need to use it, yet it shows an incredible value of him when the clients knew he’d never been sued for that.

Spare equipment

Never be too laidback to forget bringing the spare of your equipment. There’s a need to have a spare camera so you don’t stop just because an error message shows up. Low battery or out of memory are also two situations that you can avoid by bringing spares. Check their conditions before setting out to the wedding venue.

The right outfit

You’ll be shooting at a very formal occasion, so it’s important that you’re not neglecting the need to appear like you’re attending one. Find a formal attire that you can be comfortable in to move around. Women can find dresses that are knee length while guys can plain color shirt and pants. Wear shoes that you won’t have a problem walking for long hours in.

Showing respect in this manner will improve your image. Although you’re not a guest, you’re proving yourself to be considerate of the people attending and also of your client.


Before the start of the wedding, it’ll be a great idea to pull your client to the side and go through the itinerary quickly. If there’s anything you’re not sure about, ask and mark it. Be sure to memorize it with your knowledge of the venue.

You should also discuss of group pictures session and also when should couple pictures be taken. Without proper planning, you’re most likely tumbling around as you rush with everything before nightfall. A Northern Ireland wedding photographer should know which part takes more of the time and discuss with the client the best step to take.