wedding photographer CheshireThe budget has always been a sensitive, yet important topic that a lot of couples need to discuss. They wouldn’t have if they could but saving every dollar matters to make sure they are not spending all their fortune on the party and be broke when they’re about to start their new life. And maybe that’s also you right there that’s concern about this.

Let’s find out the things you can do specifically with your wedding photographer Cheshire to save some money for the event!

One or two photographers?

If you’re discussing it with a pair of photographer ask if reducing to one photographer can reduce the cost? Notice that some studios don’t allow photographers to work alone. They are usually husband and wife that work together and thus, there’s no point in separating them apart. You should also compare the price of the two with the price of having another single wedding photographer.

If it’s possible though, and if there’s a significant price cut, that’s an option you can go for.

Reducing the hours

Do you need the photographer to be there to capture the whole day, or just your wedding ceremony or the reception? Opting for a 4-hour package can save you a bunch. You can let the other 4-hours to be covered by a relative who’s able to take decent pictures of the day. Some even provide the option of a 2-hour package.

Some photographers reduce the number of hours together with the removal of having a printed album. If you still want an album of your wedding day, you should not hesitate to ask your photographer about this. Professional, friendly wedding photographer Cheshire like won’t have a problem to discuss it.

Removing certain features

Other things you can do is to remove other features that you don’t really need. For example, you can ask if not having an online gallery or the mini parents’ album is possible to reduce the fee for the package? Or if you really want to save up, is it possible to not have any kind of album and just the digital files in a USB drive?

If the package that you got also provided additional hours or shooting sessions that you don’t really need, you can ask those to be removed. Or you can also tell your photographer to only edit the pictures that will be featured in the wedding album and see if that’s going to make difference in the pricing.

Friends’ referrals

Another thing that photographers would love to have is direct referrals. Ask if giving friend referrals can help give you a discount. It’s a win-win situation for both of you. If you have quite the followers on your social media account or blog, ask if promoting them on your page can grant you any kind of discount.

Don’t be shy about asking! Most photographers understand that their clients are sometimes eager to but can’t afford to hire a professional wedding photographer Cheshire for their important event. It’s not about thrifty and big-spender, but because it’s a very important day, one cannot afford to risk their wedding pictures ruined by cheap and untrained wedding photographers.