wedding photographer WaterfordNowadays, a lot of attention and priority is put on booking a good wedding photographer Waterford. However, most photographers actually just recycle ideas from one wedding to another. As a result, most weddings and their photoshoots have become quite mainstream. Most couples don’t really want their weddings to be like others because it’s a once in a lifetime event so it’s best if your own experience is unique and one of a kind. Here are some creative tips in ensuring that your wedding photos would be different from the rest.


The one thing that’s becoming quite mainstream as well is having a theme for the event. Still, if you pick a good enough theme that’s never been done before and if it’s executed well, your wedding will be a unique experience for you and your guests. You also have the choice to pick a certain theme even if it’s been done, as long as you can execute it differently. Some good examples would be a Game of Thrones themed wedding, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and some other movie or show. Once you have a good theme, you can use some unique accessories, props, and decorations for the wedding and the photo shoots. The bride’s gown can also be based on the theme, as well as the groom’s suit, and if it’s possible, you can make a dress code related to the theme, too.

You can also set up a venue that’s in line with the theme.

If all these are executed properly, then you would have wedding photos that look like they’re straight out of a magazine. If you’re having an outdoor wedding during the night, then lighting would be a big problem when trying to take photos. Hence, the answer to this would be the next tip: fairy lights. Fairy lights are cheap, accessible, easy to use, and versatile. They can be used for a number of things, as overhead lights, decorations to be put on plants, border for the aisle during the bridal march, and for forming your names on the backdrop during reception. Even if they are sort of an everyday object especially for decorating, it can go a long way in saving your wedding photos if there’s not enough light to work with. Wedding photographer Waterford from all around can do creative things with these lights as well, like bokeh for example. This will add a little effect to your wedding photos.


Next tip would be to be a little colorful in terms of decorations, and maybe even dresses. Color makes anything brighter and this would make your photos turn out different as well. Sure, a white dress is part of tradition but it’s good to be unique. There are many ways to add color to your white dress, just check out Pinterest for some ideas. If you’re not too willing to sacrifice the dress, you can always plan for your entourage to look colorful, like make your bridesmaids wear rainbow.

There are also other ways, like making your decors be different in color. Some weddings have a color motif, and it would be good to incorporate it more to the wedding, especially with the important details. When you look at the photos in the future, you’d have a lot more things to look at than just white things. Check out if you would like to get your hands on a great wedding photographer Waterford.