Portsmouth wedding photographerLight painting is a beautiful art ‘drawn’ on pictures. Light painting wedding photography is very worthwhile as it’ll create something that it’s different from others. Although there are some photographers who do the same thing, there’s a small chance that you’ll be drawing the same thing on the screen.

There are two uniqueness to this: you can draw it yourself or let the couples draw what they want. These variables will make this different with every couple. And now, to how a Portsmouth wedding photographer should begin exploring this field.

Train in your free time

First, never practice it with an actual client. Do it in your free time with friends or family members. You need to understand the concept of light painting first. Ready the necessary equipment and decide the shape you want to draw. There’s no need to rush when you draw, but it does require a few times of practice to get a hang of it.

Equipment to have

You will need a laser beam, flashlight, or anything that shines. Remember that the further you shine, the bigger should the source of light be. For now, choose something that is easiest for you to draw with, like a flashlight.

Set your camera on a firm tripod in a dark room. Light painting is possible even when the sun is still out, but for now, you want to be able to see what you draw clearly, so a pitch-black room would be best. Set a 3-second exposure and start drawing. The simplest shape would be a heart, which should be commonly used in wedding photography.

Even a professional like jameswhitephotos.com wants to be able to explore his photography skill as a Portsmouth wedding photographer. Having something that is slightly different from others will give you the upper hand in the competition.

Train different shapes

When you’re used to creating the shape at ease, explore different light source that you can use to draw in your pictures. The Internet has a bunch of interesting tools of a different shape to create those shapes. YouTube is also filled with creative people coming with unique shapes for light photography.

Of course, you have to practice with the tools before using them on any clients. You can’t turn them into your practice session and waste their time with it. Until you are really used and are able to create a nice shape in one try, then you offer it to your clients.

Let couples draw

You can let clients draw instead! It’s also a fun time for them to write something on the screen. Although it can’t be long. You can ask for more people to join the frame and draw each a letter. It’s really up to your creativity.

Remember that the purpose of light painting photography here is to create something different for your clients. Something that they will remember. It doesn’t have to be a perfect shape of light painting; as long as couples can see it as something fun that they won’t forget for a long time, you’ve succeeded.

As a Portsmouth wedding photographer, there’s a lot of other things you can incorporate into your own skill. This is just something for you to consider if you haven’t had an idea, yet. Hopefully, this helps!