wedding photographer BelfastThinking of a way you can improve your wedding photography? Or maybe you’re here to find out if attending the rehearsals of your clients is going to make a difference in how you work? It’s the right place to find the answer to both of those questions.

Every professional wedding photographer Belfast should always seek out for a way to figure out how to become a better photographer. Even if it’s as simple as waking up 5 minutes earlier, it shouldn’t hurt.

Yes, it makes a difference

Attending the rehearsal will make a difference. Heck, everything that we do that builds up to the day we attend that day will make a difference. We just don’t know if it’s going to be major or not, but yes, they will make a difference.

Wedding rehearsal allows you to meet up with your clients and most probably the friends that will take part as the groomsmen and bridesmaids. You will also be allowed to discuss the wedding at the venue directly and try out poses as well as camera settings there. If the decoration is already put up, you can immediately try shooting some pictures of the place.

These all, of course, can make a difference on an actual day. is a professional wedding photographer Belfast and we’d like to explain this based on her experience.

Changing the layout

Sometimes, some venues are decorated poorly as the couples don’t really understand the best way to or they got themselves a coordinator that suck. Because of this, it’s up to the person who’s also artistic and has seen enough wedding parties comment. If you think that the decoration could be lessened, don’t hesitate to tell your client about it.

This is only possible if you actually attend the venue before the wedding day, of course. That makes rehearsal night the best time to do it. While everyone is there and you can discuss it right at the venue, there won’t be any misunderstanding.

Get comfortable and prepare yourself

Another thing you can easily achieve is comfort and closeness with the people involved in the party. Whenever you first arrive at the venue, no one knows you except for the couple. Yet, you’re responsible to take the pictures of everybody attending. You will have to stay as invisible as possible. But the problem is that no one has that power.

People can see us and they can hear the shutter of our camera clicking. Whenever we’re in the middle of a ceremony, we try as much as possible to not block the view of people and remain as calm and reasonable as possible. We’ll also be stealing views and looks of guests and most importantly, the parents.

Unless you want to see the parents glancing nervously at you or feeling awkward, it’s always a good idea to let them warm up to you. As they’ve known you from a couple of nights before, it’d be easier for them to let their emotions flow while you take their pictures. As a wedding photographer Belfast, this is a simple, a little time-consuming, but worth it additional thing you can do to improve yourself.