newborn baby photographyAdding a little bundle of joy is a very happy occasion to the family and you do not want to lost even a single day of your baby’s growth. Many parents want newborn photography done to their little ones but are unsure with whether to take them in the hospital at home or how it should work.

Different photographers will have different style and necessities, but generally here are what they have in common:

YOU decide the venue. Newborn pictures are best taken within 10-14 days after the birthday. It is possible to take a picture of the first day of your baby in the hospital and even if he/she is still in the NICU. Usually you need to sign a consent and the newborn baby photography session in the hospital generally lasts 10-20 minutes, depending on the baby’s cooperation. It is definitely possible to take photos in the studio, too.

Everybody gets together.

Newborn baby photography is not complete without the family portrait. Photographers will encourage parents and siblings, especially the mother to enter the frame together.

Just be a mother and father.

You don’t need to wear accessories, fancy suits or shiny jewelries for your newborn session: the focus is on your baby. Be as natural as you can with your baby, even an awkward way of holding your firstborn baby can be a good picture to remember.

Prepare the mother especially.

Being a mother is a special thing to your baby. You will have to pay extra efforts to your baby for the rest of his/her life and the photographer wants to keep this feeling in the photos. As tired and awkward as you might feel, it’s worth the effort.

Bring the necessities.

Whether you are going to a studio or having it in the hospital directly, you should bring at least 2 blankets for mess. Preferably those that looks good in pictures. Also, don’t forget extra diapers in case the little one needs to go, though most of the sessions are required for the baby to be naked.

Find someone you are comfortable with.

You need to be comfortable with your photographer to be able to let him/her take a picture of your baby. A newborn baby photography session may not go smooth if you are uncomfortable and have shifts around because of the photographer presence.

Discuss with your photographer.

Everything that needs to be discussed: the time, the place, how, what to do, what should you get, as explained before, different photographers have different style and needs. If you plan to have a newborn session in the hospital, remember to check again with the photographer and confirm when you will have your delivery.

Plan your feeding time.

If your baby is well-fed before the photography session, the baby will fall asleep more deeply with his/her full tummy and is easier to pose and moved around without waking up and making a fuss. Most photographers have no problem with mothers feeding their child before the session starts so that the baby can sleep deeply throughout the session. You do not want a baby that throws a tantrum thereby offsetting the tempo of the shoot.