wedding video WaterfordA wedding video Waterford is a great memento for a couple to have. Sure, they won’t have the time to replay it many times when they’ve just gotten married and the memories of the day are still fresh. But know that this is something that will be used every year for their anniversary. It is something that the couple would love to rewatch and remind themselves of; the day when they both vowed to become one flesh.

Thus, it is important that you take notes on the things you should shoot and what you should not miss. Ensure that the footage will be something that your clients will love to see even when they’re old and wrinkled.

1.    Check out the venue and crosscheck the itinerary of the event

Make sure that you are familiar with how the venue is going to look like and where you should station your camera. Know the ‘route’ or path that you will use to record the scenes.

Get yourself familiar with the rundown of the wedding reception. There are parts where your couple will be mainly involved in, so you want to make sure that you are standing at the right place to shoot them.

2.    Work with the other vendors

Know that you are not the only person working and that their many others involved in making the party amazing. Don’t clash with the photographers when shooting. Know how the food will be served, where the DJ is going to set up his kit and how the place is going to be lit up.

Getting yourself familiar with them will smooth down the process, especially when unexpected problems arise.

3.    High-quality audio

Bring along a lavalier to help record clearer and emotional moments for your wedding video Waterford. No scenes will be repeated, surprises can only be called so if they are executed once, so make sure that your equipment is able to record nice and crispy sound.

Always consult with the DJ to know if you are able to get help regarding the music and sound they’ll be using. If you can plug your equipment into theirs, you’ll get better recording on the sound and music of the party.

4.    Get lots of B-rolls

B-rolls refer to the side footages that will help enrich your video. Having more is always better. There will be certain scenes that you want to cut, but don’t know what to fill in afterward. This is where B-rolls will help fill the gap and makes the video very complete.

Make sure that you shoot the main characters and the people that your clients consider important. Too many B-rolls will make the video boring and unappealing.

5.    Be agile

Moments happen only once and you’ve got one shot to record them. Carry only the necessary and move along the party. Keep your hands from shaking and your body balanced whenever recording.

At times, you can’t be in two places at once, which makes it easier if you have a camera stationed at a spot on a tripod to record the same event from a different perspective.

If you find your hand shaking, know the cause; is it because you’re hungry? Is it caused by carpal tunnel syndrome or something else? Knowing the core of the problem faster is always better than reasoning that it won’t affect you much because it will.

And lastly, always carry an extra battery with you to keep the camera rolling.