wedding photographer NorfolkSometimes, we are met with nice couples who invite us to their dinner rehearsal. That’s a great start to the wedding day as it means they welcome you and would like to involve you in the rehearsal. They probably felt that you are also part of the guests, so you deserve to be invited. Great, yeah, but then…

Should I go? Like, I don’t really know the people there and I’m not exactly a friend of the couples. I just happened to be hired to capture some pictures of their wedding day. Maybe I shouldn’t come. There isn’t much to do there anyway.

Well, you are so wrong. You don’t know how many times wedding rehearsals can save a wedding photographer Norfolk from fatal mistakes!

It’s time to know the people you’re taking pictures of

If seeing them through your camera lens on the wedding day is the first time you meet them, you are going to bump into a lot of annoyed people. The fact that a stranger is taking their pictures and (they think) unnecessarily taking a bunch of it will bug them.

Okay, so they know that you are a wedding photographer Norfolk. You were hired by the main actor and actress today to keep a record of this beautiful day. It wouldn’t cost you an arm or a leg to attend that rehearsal the day before to get to know them first, right? At least, they won’t look at you as if you just stalked them!


Parents are the most important people after the groom and bride. It’s pretty obvious. But often than not, photographers forgot to introduce themselves to the elderly and talk about how they’ll take the pictures. It’s more about having manners and showing respect because you never know how they’ll spread things about that particular photographer who didn’t even bother to greet them!

Take some rehearsal pictures

Pictures during the rehearsal dinner are worth keeping. These people are probably nervous about the wedding, and the night of the rehearsal, you’ll be able to capture a different side of them. Everybody will look relaxed and simply enjoying the night, so don’t forget to bring your camera!

Test shoot

When the bride, groom, bridesmaids, and groomsmen are practicing where they should stand and wait, take this opportunity to find the best place to shoot. If possible, you can also suggest them to change their positions to get a better shot. You never know if these little changes will make the wedding pictures turn out so much better!

Posed pictures

Make use of your visit to walk and explore the venue. Find places and locations to take some posed pictures of the couples. Inspiration is bound to come when you are able to see the place for yourself.

Part of having manners and being professional

When you are invited, the best way to reply is to accept it. Show that you have time to attend their rehearsal and that you care about preparing yourself to take the best pictures. To many others who have shot many times in the same venue, rehearsal will do little good to them. They can tell the couples of the things they should do without attending.

But aside from the first point mentioned here, attending increases your professional image.