wedding photographers BillericayThere are many big things we go through in life: our first baby steps, first crush, graduating high school, graduating from university and now, you’re opening a whole new journey with the person of your choice. And in every big moment, there is one thing that keeps your memory fresh: pictures. And for your next possibly biggest event yet, you want to hire wedding photographers Billericay for the occasion.

Now, in many of those events, you have your parents or maybe siblings took your pictures. But for your wedding which is going to last for a day, there’s no way you’re going to make your father carry a camera all the time! That’s why you need a reliable photographer who considers your wedding as important to take your pictures.

Here’s how to find him

The first step in looking for a wedding photographer is to start looking soon. Wedding photographers are booked out years ahead because each of them is one of a kind. No photographer shoots the same way and none of them will give the same results. At the end of your procrastination would be choices that you know you’ll be disappointed with.

So, start looking through wedding photographers’ indexes and visiting their sites or galleries. Go through their portfolios to get a hang on the different styles photographers have and the average price to hire one. They need to be experienced enough to show different wedding pictures of different couples and places.

Have a chat

After you’ve narrowed down your choices based on your preferences, schedule a meeting with each of your choice. Of course, make sure that they are photographers who are available on your wedding date. Make a list of questions and requests that you have from your photographer. Most wedding photographers Billericay have answers on their site like

Find a photographer that you are comfortable talking to and asking questions of. Make sure that you are not the only person asking questions – interest should go both ways. Your photographer wants to know your wedding theme, reasons to choose the place, etc. Things that will help him craft an idea uniquely you.

Take your time to think about the photographer that you want to hire. He has to be someone passionate about not just his job, but also your wedding. He has to be someone willing to invest his time getting to know about your wedding, perhaps by attending your wedding rehearsal. You also need to be able to conform to his working style, be it a silent, behind-the-scenes approach or bold, directive approach.

Listen to him!

Wedding photographers are often experienced in not just photography, but how to avoid failures in it. Some couples want to follow ‘aesthetic’ decoration, poses, etc. from various sources. But they often cannot see the risks behind those poses. Your photographer, however, can see that clearly.

So, it’s a very good thing if you can invite him over to your wedding rehearsal or schedule a day where you can consult with him at your wedding venue. This gives him better insight on how to plan your wedding photography or even try to take some pictures to see the results. Wedding photographers Billericay who are professional will always appreciate the invitation.