The Types of Camera Work Carried Out by a Wedding Photographer Hertfordshire

wedding photographer HertfordshireThe unique ability of a wedding photographer Hertfordshire is his ability to freeze a moment in time there are captured moments that are even more powerful than a frozen frame of tense action, which also speak to photographers artistic strengths.


Camera work is the process of shooting the moment, time is of essence in camera work and so the techniques go much deeper than simply knowing what shutter speed is appropriate. A successful photograph in camera work is one in which the photographer has managed to catch an uncommon moment that pleases him or her, and which strikes a chord with enough other people to form an audience. In this kind of photography that is limited by time, there are basically three different ways to seize the moment. The strategies are divided into three main groups:

  1. Fireman Approach: the Fireman method is to take as many shoots in the limited time and space available, and the name is coined from the word “hosing,” The Fireman approach means moving down the scene at a more rapid a rate that the camera will manage. In terms of personality, the Fireman takes a kind of ego in being smart, and it is by no means is it birthed out of digital photography. The cons to Fireman are that it is unrefined; it does not focus on unplanned, unexpected or spur of the moment actions. Also there are high possibilities of not getting important memories due to the fact that the rate of capture is based on automation.
  2. Builder Approach: Builder approach is at first glance of a typical shoot which seems suspiciously similar to the Fireman hosing-down approach. There are some similarities, but here the shooting speed is slower and more care is usually being taken with concern for the timing for each frame. In fact, there is much more to say about a “building” sequence than about either of the other two styles, because the photographer is making a constant stream of micro-decisions. The reason for this, and the ethos of this kind of shooting, is to try and improve on a competent shot. The Builder idea is to stay with the situation for as long as you think there is a chance of an even better moment. The moment could be a gesture, a stance, and expression, and even if the improvement is small, there is a case for staying with it and paying attention. In terms of personality, wedding photographer Hertfordshire that are Builders tend to be conscientious and dedicated to the idea of improvement. In other words, there is a picture situation in front of the camera, and they are doggedly determined to get the best out of it.
  3. Marksman: The marksman approach is the one that, on the whole, carries the most cachet among wedding photographer Hertfordshire. Partly this is because it is tied up with the intensely physical, sports-like ideal of the perfect shot and the ability to get something that is difficult and challenging just right.