wedding photographyPhotography is not a cheap hobby – and the stakes only get higher once you begin to do it professionally. Out of all of the niches in the world of photography, wedding photography is undoubtedly one of those that really do cost the most. We’re talking about new equipment, fresh gear, and most of them being expensive here. This can be hard for photographers who are just starting out. More often than not, you are left to work with what you have until there comes such a time wherein you actually get to pool enough funds for your spanking new gear.

Although it may be true that equipment does factor in a lot when it comes to taking really great pictures, there are a lot of other things that you can definitely work on in the meantime. We’ve come up with a few tips for you to be able to use in learning wedding photography while spending less. Mind you, you would still need to upgrade your gear eventually, but until you have enough, these tips should keep you busy and on your toes just fine.

Know your camera thoroughly

Read the manual. Have a good working technical knowledge of the modes and settings that your camera can provide you with. Know it like the back of your hand and practice continually until you feel as if you’re no longer awkwardly fumbling over the settings and so on and so forth. Learn how to react to situations impulsively with your camera in tow. Study the different kinds of shooting modes available and how the images turn out with varying flash exposures. Being keen on the technicalities can spell a huge difference on the quality of your images and eventually, your clients will be able to see all the effort and attention to detail that you’ve obviously put in.

Practice every day

The beauty of digital photography is the fact that you don’t have to go bankrupt with the costs of film rolls because you are allowed to practice and take tons of pictures without breaking the bank with just a good handy stash of memory cards. The more you use your camera, the more you will be accustomed to it. Expertise if gained by relentless practice. So take your camera with you everyday and shoot away!

Be a photography do-it-yourselfer

It will surprise you how there are plenty of DIY photography accessories and hacks available online right now. Most of them cost little to nothing – which is perfect for someone who is just starting out. Don’t be afraid to be inventive and even a little crazy. You’re the only one who can tell what will work for you and what won’t.

Come up with photography projects

Nothing keeps you focused and insightful than a current project in the works. It will enable you to push your gear’s capacity to the limits and actually learn how to be creative in different settings. The possibilities are endless and they’re all just at the tip of your fingers. You can take daily portraits of yourself to document the progression of your beard, for all you care.

So get your camera out and start the daily habit!