Repurposed bridesmaid bouquets.

Bristol wedding photographerThe expense of flowers can tack on a lot, at times perhaps way too much on your wedding budget. This will be even more so if you have a taste for the exotic or the really expensive ones. There really is no reason why you should deprive yourself of the things that you tend to like or want the most when it all comes down to it. You just need to be smart about it. Booking two steps of flower arrangement orders, one for the wedding ceremony and one for the wedding reception party can turn out to be a wasteful effort. If you are smart about it, what you can do is to just order one set. Have the flowers moved from the ceremony to the reception, and make the most out of the flower bouquets that the bridesmaids have in tow.

Right after the ceremony, they wouldn’t really have much use for those bouquets anyway. They will just be laid out on the side or on top of the tables, crowding up the space. What you can try to do is to instruct your bridesmaids ahead of time to arrange them accordingly on top of the tables during the wedding reception. This way, you don’t have to go ahead and spend out anything extra for the centrepieces. They can be really expensive and they can end up costing you a lot of money somewhere along the way.

Mismatched arrangements.

The flower arrangements don’t have to be perfectly matched all the time. A request like this can cost you double or perhaps even triple the amount of money that the florists will normally charge and you shouldn’t have to go through with something like this. Opting for mismatched arrangements and pieces means that you get to more or less have the same effect without eating up too much from your wedding budget somewhere along the way. A great Bristol wedding photographer will be able to make the most out of these flowers and will still be able to shoot gorgeous looking photos of the ceremony and the reception dispute the mismatched arrangements. It can be an artistic and carefree statement and no one will be the wiser.

Sparse centrepieces.

You have a lot of things to pay for and spend out for during the day of the wedding. You need to invest on professionals such as a Bristol wedding photographer and these services will not be cheap at all. You need to be smart with the way that you go ahead and handle your finances for the wedding. You can go sparse on the centrepieces of the tables during the reception. The tables don’t have to be overly crowded or anything like that.

DIY in the wisest way possible.

If there is anything that you can go ahead and do yourself, then go ahead and do it. You get to save money on the side and find something artistic to do at the same time. Make sure that you manage your schedule accordingly though. You wouldn’t want to be pressured on time or anything like that.