wedding photographer HertfordshireWedding only happens once and when everything is done, you and your partner will only be left with a single book (and a USB stick) of your wedding pictures for both of you to relive the memory and sentiment of that day.

Thus, it is important and maybe you want to create a checklist here to make sure that you and your wedding photographers Waterford can work together to create a great, satisfying storybook of your wedding.

1.     Know your photographer

It’s not as simple as knowing the basic information of your photographer; it’s about knowing what is his passion, how does he view weddings and his experiences. When you look at his portfolios, do you like what you see? Photographers style range from glamorous to relaxed and fun tone, so while he/she may be claimed as the best, it is a subjective claim when style and preferences are involved.

2.     Shot list? No, leave it to your photographers

You might have come across with several websites telling you to create a list of ‘must-shot’, but really, you paid hundreds to thousands of dollars to your photographer and you have to take care of the basic things? Let your photographer work what he is most skilled at. Rather than giving a shot list, during your consultations, tell your wedding photographers about your family; a sister who is studying in art school, mom that loves plants and a younger brother that loves to quarrel about who ate the last bite.

3.     Arrive earlier

Your photographer will most likely arrive earlier to capture rare moments before guests arrive, so that all your preparations will not go to waste. If you arrive earlier by around an hour, you and your wedding photographer Hertfordshire will have the time to do posed and candid pictures around your wedding venue. These make great pictures that you will love showing off to your family and friends. Your photographer is also free to style and pose you when not many people are intruding.

4.     Be Yourself

Your wedding photographers Waterford will do their best in being as discreet and invisible as possible in capturing the moments in your wedding and you and your partner’s jobs are to be the main characters. No need to be bothered with your photographer or how you’ll look; just know that you look the prettiest today.

While communication skills are required from your photographers for smooth communication to happen, it won’t hurt that you also open up to their approach of getting close to you.

5.     Group shot Coordination

There are too many couples that regretted this. When we talk about group photos, you might think that they’ll take probably an hour at most, but really, unorganized ones take 30 minutes for a single group picture. Can you imagine if there are 3 or 4 group photos and your wedding photographer Hertfordshire are stuck with waiting and trying to not offend but gathering the necessary members into the frame? Many times, couples had to forgo several photos or paid additional charges to extend the hours.

Assign a coordinator for your group shot. Usually a close family member will do great for this as your guests won’t be offended and you can save a lot of time.