Number your RSVP cards.

wedding photographer SurreyThen go ahead and proceed to keeping a master list of the guests with the corresponding numbers. This way, even if the responses aren’t as legible as you would like to be, you wouldn’t have to worry too much about it because you have something to check in your database in the first place. Getting RSVP contacts sorted out shouldn’t be that much of a chore to you when it all comes down to it so take note of that as much as you possibly can.

Plus, if you know who exactly will be your main guests for the wedding, you will get to know for sure right off the bat who you should be introducing your professional Berkshire wedding photographer when it all comes down to it. Think about this and make sure that you get things taken note of right off the bat at the end of the day. Your wedding photographer Surrey needs to be looped in on what you need to do right off the bat and this is what you ought to get taken into account as much as possible.

Get your bra sewn in to the dress.

Imagine the hassle of dressing up for the wedding day, being in the hotel and all that and then end up realizing that you haven’t brought a bra along or that if you have, that it wasn’t strapless or that the color is too dark and it shows right through your sheer dress. Get this hassle out of the way and get it taken care of right off the bat by getting your dressmaker to sew it in. it’s something that is super simple but something that most brides miss out of. You want your silhouette for the wedding dress to be smooth and seamless as much as possible and your wedding photographer Surrey will have better shots of you when you are at ease and comfortable because your bra is just the perfect fit and it doesn’t happen to pinch the skin on your back or anything like that. This is a great forethought to have at the end of the day so try to remember this as much as possible.

Table salt can save the dress.

This is in the event of any wine spillages or anything like that. Spilling wine on the dress can turn out to be a nightmare for every bride out there. Dumping some table salt can help absorb the stains so that you can have the rest of the stains professionally removed later on. You certainly wouldn’t want your wedding photographer Surrey to capture shots of a stained white wedding dress on you, would you?

Heel protectors can save the day.

This is if you happen to be in an outdoor wedding, of course. It can at times be a bit annoying and embarrassing to have an outdoor wedding and your heels end up sinking every time you take a step. Heel protectors can reduce the surface tension and make you walk comfortably over soft grounds overall.