Age and timing

newborn photographer aberdeenAge and timing is everything in newborn photography so if you want to capture how tiny and delicate your baby is in the newborn photography shots that are being produced, then always aim to get your baby photographed during his first 5 to 10 days in this world. All of the days after that period in time will have the baby go through a mind numbingly fast growth spurt.

You will regret the fact that you did not arrange for a newborn photo shoot while the baby is still pretty much a newborn. Every single week that passes by will have the baby grow dramatically and this is why you need to hit all of the right timeframes when you are making all of the necessary arrangements needed for the photo shoot when it all comes down to it. Make sure that the baby is at the right age and that he is photographed at the right time because once the time window closes, it closes forever and there will be no way for you to turn back the time wishing that you have gotten photos of the baby during that particular point in time. But get all of the elements right and you will end up with photos that you can treasure several years down the road.


Regardless of what you would like to achieve for your baby’s first every newborn photography shoot, remember that no great shot is worth putting your baby at risk for. Always make sure that your baby is safe and not jeopardized in any way whatsoever during the newborn photography shoot. Again, communication is key when it comes to things like this so make sure that you go ahead and talk this out with your Aberdeen newborn photographer as much as possible. Newborn babies are particularly dainty and fragile and they should be handled with all of the care in the world. Sure, you want to get those impossibly gorgeous shots in but if that includes the risk of having your baby fall out of a wooden crate that you and the newborn photographer puts him on, then it really isn’t worth all of the risk when it all comes down to it. Take this into account as much as possible and things will start working out in your favor at the end of the day.

Photography Gear

Although the photography gear of your newborn photography expert is required to at least be of a certain quality, it doesn’t have to be the main point of interest when you are hiring out for someone. But of course, given the fact that you are paying a huge amount of money for professional newborn photography services, you should at least make sure that the photographer that you hire will have equipment that will more or less be at par with the rest of all of the other professional photographers out there in the industry. Asking for a camera that at least shoots in RAW will be the best way to go when you are looking for a photographer to hire for your professional Aberdeen newborn photography session.